As of 2018, the Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation supports Youth Leadership Bartholomew County in its mission and its distribution and management of all funds.

Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation is honored to recognize our future leaders who are “MAKING A DIFFERENCE.”  As they continue to pursue their dreams and further their education, it is our hope that this program will encourage them to continue to be involved in their community.

We fund projects and initiatives that make a needed impact on the students and community of the Columbus area.  Education is a great investment and we are an organization that fills that need.  Creating a community where education and service is so valued is a great investment for all of us!

Our Mission

To support the work of BCSC by providing financial resources and by promoting awareness and philanthropy for programs that help students achieve educational excellence.

Our Vision

All Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation students are achieving their full potential as learners.

Our Guiding Principles

We support BCSC and its mission. We believe in the power of: Partnerships, Collaborations, Innovations, Inclusiveness and Diversity.