Youth Leadership Bartholomew County

a community program for over 40 years

For over four decades, Youth Leadership Bartholomew County has honored numerous local high school seniors for their leadership abilities, academic accomplishments, and community service. To underscore the significance of Youth Leadership Bartholomew County, each enrolled student will engage in the following activities:

  • Development of resumes and essays
  • Professional photography sessions
  • Participation in professional interviews
  • Full-day hands-on leadership training program in September
  • Career development exercises
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Scholarship awards to support higher education costs

Essays will undergo evaluation and grading by Ivy Tech Community College. Resumes will be provided with constructive feedback by HR professionals from the local community. Interviews will be conducted by local business owners, educators, and civic leaders from the Columbus area. Additionally, students will receive a complimentary professional headshot from Parker Portraits to accompany their biographical information, detailing their high school experiences, awards, and career aspirations.

Youth Leadership Bartholomew County extends invitations to seniors from all Bartholomew County High Schools with a GPA of B+ or higher to participate. This comprehensive program, involving multiple stages, necessitates completion of exercises and adherence to deadlines to qualify for scholarships totaling over $9000 and attendance at Youth Leadership Day at The Commons in September.