Youth Leadership Bartholomew County

a community program for over 40 years

Youth Leadership Bartholomew County embodies the future of our youth and connects our youth to the community within which we each live and work. By being a part of this empowering program, high school seniors will participate in activities that will begin to mold them into strong community leaders of tomorrow.

Youth Leadership Bartholomew County accepts seniors from all Bartholomew County High Schools, with a 3.3 GPA and/or a B+ average. Each student will have shown throughout their time in High School, a leadership style with a passion for empowering others. YLBC connects our youth to the many wonderful facets of Bartholomew County in an effort to impart a desire to return to the place each currently calls home.

For more than 40 years, Youth Leadership Bartholomew County has recognized thousands of High School seniors for their leadership skills, high school accomplishments and their community service. To highlight the significance of Youth Leadership Bartholomew County, each student will participate in:

  • All-day event to include professional leadership geared to mentor to the desired career path of each student.
  • Career development
  • Speakers who are geared to empower each individual to be the very best they can be
  • Scholarship awards to assist with the cost of higher education
  • Hands-on workshops; Essays that are reviewed and graded by Ivy Tech Community College, a Resume writing event with constructive feedback by Manpower of Columbus and an Interview hosted by a Columbus area business, educator, or civic leader

High School seniors who choose to participate in Youth Leadership Bartholomew County will benefit by all it has to offer.  By taking part, they will be one of the 1000’s of youth leaders from Bartholomew County who have identified their potential and are making differences in Bartholomew County or the various communities in which they live now.

YLBC Goals:

Youth Leadership Bartholomew County provides rising seniors opportunities to showcase their leadership skills through high school experiences in the areas of academics, activities, community service and work.  Additionally, they will be exposed to activities to support them in the college application process or post-high school career journey. Each youth leader will create a usable resume, write an essay similar to a scholarship essay, participate in a professional interview and attend a leadership workshop.  It is the intent of the Youth Leadership Bartholomew County program to recognize and provide our youth with meaningful opportunities along their journey to become future leaders in the communities in which they live.

YLBC Vision:

YLBC seeks to empower young leaders by equipping them to positively impact the communities in which they live.

YLBC Mission:

YLBC recognizes it’s outstanding high school career and college bound students’ leadership, achievement and community service, and provides them with experiences and training to become successful leaders.